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    2. About us > Introduction

      Shuanghong Chemical Co., Ltd ” is a highly influential enterprise in dyes and printing-dyeing industry at home and abroad, it is council member of China dyestuff industry association, national high and new technology enterprise, clean production model and Green enterprise of Zhejiang province.

      After many years of development, we have formed a group company including “Jinhua shuanghong”, “Jiangsu shuanghong” three production bases and one R&D center,we are one of the world’s major acid dyes production base.

      Innovation driving is a strongly power of Shuanghong developing, we are the world’s leading enterprise in the field of market segmentation, particularly in the non-textile dyes and functional dyes. We have obtained many national patents, leading to enact dozens of national and industrial standards as well.

      In future, we will continue to enhance the core competitiveness and expand the influence of the brand, pursuit the common development with customer. in the meantime, to provide higher quality products and services to our customers, also continue to create real value.

      Contact us

      • Add: Floor 17, Riches Classic Building, No.1, Yafeng Road, Jinhua, Zhejiang, 321000, China
      • Tel:+86-579-82391738
      • Fax:+86-579-82373068
      • E-mail:info@shuanghongchem.com
      •                 Export@shuanghongchem.com
      • Whatsapp:008618857911769
      • Wechat:008618857911769
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